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Simon Eve - Global Tech Trance (MP3)
Simon Eve - Class of 2006 (MP3)
Simon Eve - Mainline Mix Sep06 (MP3)
Simon Eve - Mainline Mix Nov05 (MP3)

Trance and hard dance DJ / producer Simon Eve is a familiar face at the forefront of the UK dance scene. From beginnings as A&R and label manager at the Eve Records Group, Simon has also been A&R for the leading React / Resist Music and still runs his successful Recharge hard dance label today alongside his weekday DJ Management duties for several leading artists at Integrity Artist Management, not forgetting his writing work for the cutting edge DJ Magazine and for Beatport.

As a producer, Simon's original tracks and remixes have also come to the fore in recent times with notable releases on leading labels such as Recover, Vicious Circle, Dataless, Tripoli Trax and Tinrib together with his prolific output on his own Recharge label. Clearly a man with his finger on the pulse of all things good in harder edged dance music, Simon's tireless work at the forefront of the scene with his artists, labels and DJ Magazine ensures he has the most upfront CD-Rs and Test Presses in his record box at any given time, ensuring a unique, cutting edge sound that's both in demand and virtually untouchable by other DJs until months later!

Simon's steady flow of well received production work, together with his proven ability to turn in flawless DJ sets whatever the occasion, have enabled him to carve out two niches with his DJing. Equally at home performing at any number of leading hard dance events, Simon has also been fortunate enough to be selected to DJ at an increasing number of key trance events to showcase his cooler tech trance sounds.

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