Nick Rafferty


Nick Rafferty - May 2003 (MP3)
Nick Rafferty - Live Mix (MP3)

From ’95 when Nick first got his belt driven turntables he has come a long way in the dance scene. It has been a steady climb through the rank as he has learned and perfected his trade. From the early days playing the odd bar and commercial venue to the current circuit of playing some of the best events in the UK; Sundissential, Godskitchen Global Gathering and other arena gigs, Slinky, Progress, Golden, Frisky, Polysexual, R.o.a.r., Tranzaction, Insomniakz, Fully Charged, Delicious and various Tidy Parties, Nick has proved himself in every environment.

Nick’s current style encompasses far more than hard house; ’I've always played a mixture of trance, Dutch house and hard house, but I have in the past got tangled up in the `bang, bang, bang' thing... I'll still play straight hard house sets, but I think it's important to have variation.’ Having played in various parts of the world so far, South Africa, Dubai, Turkey, Ibiza and Cyprus to name a few, Nick is looking forward to tours of the USA, Australia and the Far East in the future!

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