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Captain Tinrib - Best of Tinrib 96-02 (MP3)
Captain Tinrib - Live in Australia (MP3)
Captain Tinrib - Fish Tales 3 (MP3)
Captain Tinrib - Dancevalley 98 (MP3)

Tinrib is a name that has well and truly stamped its mark upon the hard dance scene. There is not a hard dance enthusiast alive that has not heard of the genre defining label or witnessed the Captain Tinrib live experience. The Tinrib record label has catered to the tough, banging sounds of Hard Dance, with the occasional slices of highly uplifting hard trance. Now that the Captain has converted the label to Tinrib Digital, we can finally say... quality hard dance is back!

His reputation as a producer of quality tunes that rock any dance floor reaches across the world and it became obvious that the next logical step was to take his tunes out there and play them live. Captain Tinrib became not just a name on a record. His live performances provide the perfect chance for him to combine the two things in life he loves the most - his music & partying! Usually it is hard to tell who is having it larger - The Captain or the crowd! He is certainly a unique individual with a talent and personality that sets him apart from the rest.

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